Dear colleagues

Welcome to this web-site dedicated to micro contact printing (µCP) technology. This patterning technique has become one of our favorite methods for engineering all kind of surfaces at the micro and nanoscale. Combined with other self- assembly or directed assembly methods, µCP opens new perspectives in the control, manipulation and use of molecular entities for research and applications. Due to its low cost, easy implementation at zero risk and visual effect, µCP is ideal for educational purposes. Workshops of µCP at schools turned out to be a powerful vehicle for introducing nanotechnologies and their applications. We thus also develop this technique for educational projects in secondary schools in close collaboration with educators. In this web site you will discover different aspects of this method and related projects with the following objectives:

  • to share and discuss with our peers this know-how
  • to promote this technology that could be a key point for new industrial applications and new academic projects
  • to share and discuss about related educational projects

Surfing in this website you may find:

  • a definition of micro contact printing
  • a state-of-art divided by applications a presentation of our educational project using this technology
  • an agenda with symposium, events, and more
  • some tips and tricks to begin with or to improve this technology 

The philosophy of this website is participative. So, for each section you are invited to share data or comments. So feel free to exchange your ideas and remarks.

I wish you a pleasant and informative moment on this website.